About me

I am PhD candidate with the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group (QAEco), The University of Melbourne.

My work focuses on improving methods for monitoring introduced predators. I will be integrating multiple data types in spatially-explicit density models, from information-poor counts to fine scale telemetry. We can then investigate a) the effectiveness of different predator control regimes, b) what level of control is required to suppress predator densities and c) whether this suppression improves the persistence of native species populations. Ultimately, this knowledge will be used to direct the reintroduction of threatened species outside of predator-free areas.

I am also developing spatially-explicit integrated population models of the eastern barred bandicoot. I aim to identify juvenile survival rate so that we can have a better understanding of population demographics, particularly as translocations occur to sites with introduced predators.

Outside of my PhD I’m a research assistant in the Data Management and Analysis Team with the MetaMelb Research Group’s repliCATS project and some consultancy work. Please get in touch if my work interests you.